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bike pirates

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Bud Stankz - Take My Time (W!3rd Video) 🏆 [07 Oct 2018|08:02pm]

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Bud Stankz - My Feeling [04 Oct 2018|06:31am]

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Rockin' tallbike awesomeness! [04 Nov 2015|07:41pm]

Hey bikepirates!


Today, while checking the internets to see whether or not anyone has made tallbikes for traveling (e.g. with couplers in the frame), I found this wild site from Portlandia:


Click through the archives to see some cool photos. :-)
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YARRRGH! [09 Jun 2015|12:38pm]

A friend-of-a-friend made this for a Halloween ride some time ago.

What's your favorite bike costume?

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[14 Nov 2014|08:07pm]

I was familiar with modern kunstrad, artistic cycling, which is largely dominated by Germans.

But it's been going on for a while, apparently. Here's an example from 1961, with Joan Crawford looking terrifying as the announcer.
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Bar tape question [19 Aug 2014|10:23am]

Can anyone tell me more about leather bar tape? Should I invest in some for my randonneuring bike, or will I quickly regret it? Other options?
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[12 Dec 2013|07:33pm]

redqueenofevil is curious as to recommendations for renting bikes in Tampa, Florida: any good stores, or places to avoid?
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[07 Nov 2013|10:33pm]

This time of year is frustrating: who knows if it'll be snowing tomorrow, so we go out riding even when it's close to freezing.

So, apparently, does everyone else. We did a nice fast 40k down to Boulder and back, and saw about 4x more people out riding than we do on beautiful lazy early fall days.
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[30 Aug 2013|10:41pm]

I managed to ride 1100 kilometers this month.
I am very tired.
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Bike touring on the Olympic Peninsula [01 Jul 2013|09:39am]

Bike Pirates! Are any of you still here? :-)

I am wondering - do any of you have recommendations for a girl looking to bike-tour on the Olympic Peninsula for 5-6 days in mid-July? I'd be leaving/returning from Seattle.
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