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Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On Tape

Tuesday May 8, 2007

 It was supposed to be a class project on public spaces in Toronto. But it turned into an amazing education on the legal system for a group of Grade 12 students Tuesday. Their cameras were rolling when they caught a startling crime on tape - a road rage incident in which a man physically attacks a cyclist.

The kids' mini-cam was pointed at the scene near Queen and Bay when the driver on four wheels got into a dispute with a cyclist on two. As the students watched in disbelief, they saw the motorist get out of his still idling car, approach the cyclist and punch him boldly in the face. He pushed the stunned bike owner onto the sidewalk where the assault appeared to continue for several more moments.

Allison Mann, the media teacher at Ursula Franklin Academy, was with her charges when the incident took place. "We're on a field trip with about 40 students and looking at public and private space in Toronto. It's ironic this happened this morning because each group had a video camera."

Mann, who gets rave reviews from her pupils on "Rate My", claims she's proud her students kept rolling and capturing clear images of the incident. A copy of that tape is now in the possession of Toronto Police. It will eventually be used as evidence in court.

With video goodness:
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