rakehell (blue_banshee) wrote in bikepirates,

So, I went to court today to fight another bunch of traffic tickets I got for riding my bike in the lane. I've won a case for the same citation previously in the same township, but this time the judge decided against me, for no reason that I could see, other than he didn't want to disagree with the officer who issue me the tickets. I'm really upset about it. I'm thinking about appealing, but that will be expensive.

Anybody know a bike minded lawyer who can practice in New Jersey? Or anyone who can do pro bono work?

I'm just pissed, because of the glaring injustice of it all. And on top of it, I have to pay court fees? I could have been at work that day. They should be paying me. And because of the precedent. Now when I ride through that township, I'll worry about the cops, and what would happen if I got another ticket. I don't know why I didn't remember to mention the previous case, and use the precedent in my defense. I guess I got flustered cause I was representing myself, and didn't know what I was doing.

I don't know what to do,and I don't like feeling helpless. What bothers me the most is that the judge, the officer, and the prosecutor all seemed to thing I should be riding on the shoulder. In fact, after the judge had sentenced me, he beseeched me to take the prosecutor's advice and ride in the shoulder. I said to him, "you're actually asking me to break the law?" Which he ignored. It's illegal to operate a vehicle in the shoulder!
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