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So, I went to court today to fight another bunch of traffic tickets I got for riding my bike in the lane. I've won a case for the same citation previously in the same township, but this time the judge decided against me, for no reason that I could see, other than he didn't want to disagree with the officer who issue me the tickets. I'm really upset about it. I'm thinking about appealing, but that will be expensive.

Anybody know a bike minded lawyer who can practice in New Jersey? Or anyone who can do pro bono work?

I'm just pissed, because of the glaring injustice of it all. And on top of it, I have to pay court fees? I could have been at work that day. They should be paying me. And because of the precedent. Now when I ride through that township, I'll worry about the cops, and what would happen if I got another ticket. I don't know why I didn't remember to mention the previous case, and use the precedent in my defense. I guess I got flustered cause I was representing myself, and didn't know what I was doing.

I don't know what to do,and I don't like feeling helpless. What bothers me the most is that the judge, the officer, and the prosecutor all seemed to thing I should be riding on the shoulder. In fact, after the judge had sentenced me, he beseeched me to take the prosecutor's advice and ride in the shoulder. I said to him, "you're actually asking me to break the law?" Which he ignored. It's illegal to operate a vehicle in the shoulder!

getting ready for veloswap.

Huge swap meet tomorrow.
Here's the pile of small parts:

And the larger parts: four bikes (one tandem, inside the car) four frames and ... some wheels.
going away

With any luck tomorrow this will all be the property of other happy people and we'll be down to only like 8 or 9 bikes.

tally ho

warmth and speed

Hi there pirates!

I know this has been talked about before, but I wouldn't mind hearing peoples' thoughts on dressing for commuting in winter. specifically, I'm interested in longer distance or faster speeds in cold weather. I am pretty good at doing warm. but I want to see if I can't get some warm clothes that are also light enough and aerodynamic enough that I don't feel like I'm being slowed by the clothes I'm wearing.

here are my personal priorities:
I want to be able to ride in temps down to about 0 degrees F. I want stuff that fits well enough- I'm skinny, so most things that are long enough in the sleeve and down the back are way too loose. I would love what I wear to be breathable. and it would be swell if the whole package were fairly lightweight.
in that order!

what are your priorities? what are your methods, philosophies, properties?
I have no idea if more than a handful of people read this anymore, but you die hards are probably the ones whose opinions I'll value the most anyway.

Day at the races. (Sorry about the crosspost for people who read my lj)

So there's a weekly crit in Niwot, just down the street from where I work. My coworker T. went two weeks ago and raced and had a good time, and last week all my regular riding partners went and raced, and placed first, second, and fourth. They spent the entire intervening time badgering me about going, and so I went to watch and cheer them on.
Then we got there and they used peer pressure -- always a weak point for me -- and outright bribery, and the next thing I knew I had a race number and was at the starting line.
It's a pretty open course. Most criterium races have really tight turns and some climbing. This was more like a triangle with rounded corners: full speed the whole way, if we wanted.

They started the cat5 men, the cat4 women, and the juniors all together, as the first race (which is where I was) and the faster races -- cat4 men and all the upper-division women, then the 3,2,1 men, later. There were maybe 50 people lined up at our start. Very relaxed: the woman ahead of me turned around and said "I suck at starts: you should get behind someone fast." Guy said "okay, go!" and we took off.

It was easier than one of our lunchtime rides. Like, 25 km or thereabouts, and we averaged about 43 overall. We dropped most of the juniors immediately and thereafter, my friends S, T, and I were leading about 70% of the time. Nobody was willing to commit themselves. The junior who won the race last week tried a sprint-breakaway but I reeled him in immediately.
So it was mostly like, well, the ride we do every tues, wed, or fri, only with more people hanging off the rear.

Last lap, they're clanking the bell, people sped up a bit, then everyone slowed back down waiting for some poor fool to try a sprint. This is foreshadowing. I was about five people back from the lead, on the outside, very much by design -- I haven't done this in fourteen years, but it's not like I've forgotten. So I drifted even further to the outside as we went into the first turn, drifted further yet as we came out, so I was like 2m off to the side of everyone else. And then I sprinted like I meant it, and I dropped the pack like a bad habit. They were all thinking "he can't hold that: we still have like over a kilometer to go!" But I knew I could hold it because I knew how fast they'd all been going for the last 18 km and I knew I could go faster. I looked back and the kid, the one who'd won the week before, was sprinting to catch me but I knew he was all attack and no sustain so I was all "pfft."
What I didn't know is that S was right behind him, because S is so small I couldn't see him.

So the kid blew up, I held about 55k to the finish, and about 10m before I got there I heard the sound of a tire behind me. I knew it was S, I thought I could hold my lead, and the guy who was taking pictures at the finish said S was less than 15cm ahead of me when we crossed the line.

T took third, about two seconds later, and everyone else came in well back behind him.

It was hilarious.

I won a candy bar! S won a jersey, which is actually a reasonable prize.

Next time I need to start the sprint 10 seconds later, or do a second-intent sprint at the finish. Hmmmm.

Too much fun.

Yo Bay area bikepirates, you got a couch or a floor I can borrow?

edit: tentatively found a place to crash, but give me a holler if you wanna ride bikes while I'm in town. wheeee!

Long time no see! I've been neglecting Livejournal in favor of wordpress these days, but I'm glad to see folks are still kicking, er, rolling around.
Headed down the Pacific Coast in a week (leaving Seattle 7/9, planning on arriving in the Bay ~7/25 or 7/26).
Anyone willing to put up one tiny bike pirate and their steed for a night or two? I promise beer, good conversation, spicy food (if you're into that sorta thing, I can cook mild, too :) I'm also happy to make myself scarce, but it's always nice to meet new folks, and all the bikepirates I've met have been very interesting people.
me: genderbent/queer writer, obsessed with bikes, into radical healthcare, plants, making things. adorned with a tattoo of my 1st roadbike on my chest, accept none but the genuine article of my bike dorkery.


ps. has anyone done the Pacific Coast route this year? anything i should lookout for? i did it a few years ago, but it's been a while :)